Top Travel Tips for Business Travellers

Those who claim that travelling for work is glamorous generally don’t travel for work themselves. The constant coming and going through airports can be hard work, so we spoke to frequent corporate Traveller, Kate Newey to share her work travel tips.

Over to Kate…

For the past 5 years, I’ve had jobs that have required me to work in a wide variety of locations around Australia. I’ve been everywhere from all capital cities, though to Tamworth, Brisbane, Portland, Mount Gambier, Devonport and even Naracoorte!

Over the years I’ve learnt a few tricks that have made travelling for work a little easier.

  1. Invest in a quality cabin size suitcase. The proper ones with the multidirectional wheels. This way you can avoid getting a bung shoulder dragging the bag behind you and skip the baggage carousel where possible. Don’t forget to pack your underwear at the bottom to avoid security screening check embarrassment when you’re having to remove the laptop!
  2. Keep your routine from home. If you normally exercise at night or before work, pack the gym gear and utilise the hotel facilities where possible. If they don’t have a gym, get creative at the local park or look up some youtube training videos. One of the hardest parts of travel can be food. It’s all too easy to go and eat an unhealthy meal from the pub. Try and stick to a similar diet and drinking habits as if you were at home.
  3. Avoid the hotel breakfast. Let’s be honest you don’t have a spread of danishes and fruit at home, so don’t start when you’re away. The cereal and milk portion of the continental break should be sufficient. Don’t feel because of the large spread that you have to eat it all.
  4. Try catching up with friends where possible. Make the most of being in another city by catching up with friends or family. This way you avoid a lonely night of room service and can avoid the embarrassment of eating alone at a restaurant. If you don’t know anyone in town, try your luck finding some friends at the hotel bar.
  5. Make sure you utilise the latest technology apps. Qantas & Virgin both have apps that allow for fast check in and easy access to flight information. If you have a tablet device I highly recommend you download the Virgin in-flight entertainment app through the app store to access movies & TV during any Virgin flight. It’s a great way to kill some time on a flight.
  6. Make the company executive assistant [or whoever books your travel] your best friend. You’ll never know when you’re going to be stranded somewhere and need to call in a favour for their help. They can also be great screening hotel locations. You don’t want to be stuck next to a freeway, rubbish tip or airport.
  7. Get Lounge Access! One of the perks of travelling a lot is complimentary airline lounge access. If you don’t quite have enough status credits to receive this perk then you might consider buying an annual pass to an airline lounge. For details on corporate lounge rates click here or call Fiona for special rates.
  8. Make sure you get flexi-fares. This can always bee a contentious one with companies trying to save money all the time. But look at it this way. What is the additional cost worth if plans change at the last minute and you need to complete additional work. Plus by buying flexi-fares you earn more status credits through the airline and can get benefits like the lounge access.


I hope you have found my tips useful and have a more enjoyable business travel experience!

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