Outdoor Education and School Group Travel

At Travel Sense, we have been working with school teachers and administrators to help plan, organise and arrange the perfect school trips for years.

Planning travel for a large group can be quite complicated and time-consuming for busy teachers to organise themselves, that’s why they choose to use Travel Sense to get all the details sorted for them.


We have organised countless School Group Travel experiences over the years making us very familiar with the requirements and different needs that are specific to school groups.


We can work with your school’s teaching staff to create an educational, cultural, sporting and adventurous trip tailored to suit your school’s agenda, criteria and budget!


We are happy to create an itinerary and quote for your school group. If you have a specific destination or theme in mind – we can work with you to create a custom-made and unique educational experience.


Alternatively, you could leave the ideas up to us. We can suggest a wide range of suitable Outdoor Ed Travel experiences for your school.


Three of our most popular Outdoor Education experiences have been:

  • Adventure and Ski Trips to New Zealand
  • Great Barrier Reef and Rainforest Adventure Trips to Cairns, Far North Queensland
  • Central Australia

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If you have any questions, feel free to call us  on 03 9509 1985 or send us an email to sales@travelsense.com.au.

We have received plenty of positive feedback from teachers, students and parents on trips we have organised over the years. Planning a great Outdoor education experience takes a lot of effort to develop an exciting program that students will enjoy and want to attend year in year out.


We find that once a successful program is established, word of mouth from happy students quickly spreads throughout the rest of the school and you will have students in lower years eagerly looking forward to attending Outdoor Educational Travel trips they have all heard about. We appreciate that trips should not just be about students fun, and we will work to ensure that meaningful learning is accomplished as well.


Call now to discuss further how we can assist planning the perfect trip for your School Group.


Speak to a Travel Specialist call (03) 9509 1985